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  • Is your Facility Compliant.

    Is your facility compliant with industry standards as recommended by the CDC, AAMI, AORN, ADA, OSAP, and the Joint Commission? Are you following best practice recommendations? (Some are quoted below with their cross references).
    Other guidelines can be viewed at:
    The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) www.cdc.gov
    Recommended Infection-Control Practices for Dentistry, 1993. “Proper functioning of sterilization cycles should be verified by the periodic use (at least weekly) of biological indicators (i.e. spore tests). Heat sensitive chemical indicators (e.g. those that change color after exposure to heat) alone do not ensure adequacy of a sterilization cycle but may be used on the outside of each pack to identify packs that have been processed through the heating cycle. A simple and inexpensive method to confirm heat penetration to all instruments during each cycle is the use of a chemical indicator inside and in the center of either a load of unwrapped instruments or in each multiple instrument pack; this procedure is recommended for use in all dental practices. Instructions provided by the manufacturers of medical/dental instruments and sterilization devices should be followed closely.”
    Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) 41(RR-8), May 28, 1993
    ADA (American Dental Association) www.ada.org
    “This report is based on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (see the CDC recommendations above) and other publications in the medical and dental literature. The recommendations in this document have been accepted by the Council on Scientific Affairs and the Council on Dental Practice. The Councils strongly urge practitioners and dental laboratories to comply with these infection control practices…Since this document is not intended to cover every aspect of infection control compliance, the dentist, his or her staff and that of dental laboratories should refer to the referenced publications.”
    Infection Control Recommendations for the Dental Office and the Dental Laboratory
    ANSI / AAMI (American National Standards Institute Inc. / Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) www.aami.org
    “Biological indicators should be used within PCDs for routine sterilizer efficacy monitoring at least weekly, but preferably every day that the sterilizer is in use.” ANSI/AAMI ST79:2006, Section
    AORN (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses) www.aorn.org
    “For routine monitoring should be used weekly, and as needed; each load of implantables.”
    Recommended Practices, Sterilization & Disinfection, 1987
    OSAP (Organization for Safety & Asepsis Procedures) www.osap.org
    “The use and functioning of heat sterilizers should be biologically monitored at least weekly, or more often if the practice demands it, with appropriate spore tests.” Infection Control in Dentistry Guidelines, September 1997
    VA (Veteran’s Administration)
    “…must be sterilizer monitored no less than weekly, each load of implantables or intravascular materials, following major sterilizer repairs, new products or packaging material.” VA Manual G1, MP-2, Sub-chapter E, Change 159, June 22, 1083
    AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) www.aap.org
    Biological indicators are necessary to ensure sterility. A variety of indicator systems are available. The procedure recommended by the manufacturer to document sterility should be done at least weekly and results should be recorded.” (from June 2000 Policy Statement)