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Tuttnauer 3870 EA Repair & Service

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  • Tuttnauer 3870 EA Repair & Service

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    The 3870EA is a decent sized machine at 15' dia x 29 " deep.
    It has an instrument load of 17 Pounds per cycle.
    If you are processing linens reduce that load amount by 1/2
    for proper sterilization and drying


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      Most installations should include a Buck Boost Transformer.
      Tuttnauer suggests the voltage to be between 220-230 VAC.
      Note: newer publications state 235VAC maximum

      Those that have a minimum of 208VAC will be OK but will experience slower heat up times. During times of peak demand the voltage will certainly fall below 208VAC. This can be detrimental to the unit. As such, voltages over 232 VAC - 235 VAC are also damaging to the unit.

      A Buck Boost transformer can help dial in the desired voltage which I would suggest as 225VAC - 230VAC the Autoclave.Guru


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        The Autoclave.Guru also suggests that you do not use de-ionized water in these autoclaves. Please refer to water specifications provided in your owner's manual.