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tuttnauer EZ10 "low water" error displayed

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  • tuttnauer EZ10 "low water" error displayed

    My autoclave Fails "low water" I found another site that said the following:
    Tuttnauer Tips: What Causes The “Low Water” Message On The Tuttnauer EZ Series

    Tuttnauer EZ Series Autoclave Troubleshooting
    The Low Water Message
    (Includes the Tuttnauer EZ9 Tuttnauer EZ10 & Tuttnauer EZ10K)
    The Low Water Message is displayed on the Tuttnauer EZ Series if, during the Water Inlet stage,insufficient water enters the chamber.

    In Tuttnauer units with water pumps, the pump will try three times to fill the chamber with water if unsuccessful the cycle is aborted and the message LOW WATER is displayed.

    This message is displayed if during a normal heat up stage the system determines that there is insufficient water in the chamber to complete the cycle.

    This determination is made by the combined input of two sensors, the Tuttnauer Water Electrode and the Tuttnauer Safety Thermostat.

    Also if a power failure occurs during the heat or sterilization stage, after the power returns, the system will check the Water Electrode to see if there is sufficient water in the chamber in order to resume the cycle.

    If not the cycle will be aborted, the message LOW WATER will be displayed, and the Cycle Fail indicator will light.
    Possible Causes
    • A dirty or shorted Water Electrode
    • A clogged water pump or water pump filter
    • A clogged water line
    • Tuttnauer is improperly leveled
    • The Air Outlet Valve is stuck closed
    • A leaky door gasket, door bellows, solenoid valve, safety valve, or the air jet is allowing steam to escape at a higher than normal rate
    • A power down has occurred and on power up the water electrode tip is dry

    I have gone through all this persons suggestions and those of the Tuttnauer manual but the unit still fails "Low Water"

    Can you help solve this issue?

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    This is one of those times when you disregard the manual and go right to the 3mm exhaust valve. Chances are the valve seat is cracked or you have a piece of debris causing it not to close all the way. This results in water exiting the chamber through the condensing coil back into the reservoir after a certain amount of pressure has built up. Watch the condensing coil and you will see the water. This will cause the water electrode to go dry and fail the cycle on "Low Water'. A new complete valve assembly from Tuttnauer runs about $118.00.