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Fluke 77 IV Digital Multimeter

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  • Fluke 77 IV Digital Multimeter

    This is a good all a round diagnostic tool for most table top autoclaves. It is also able to be calibrated to N.I.S.T. Standards.
    • Versatile meters for field service or bench repair.
      The Fluke 77 IV digital multimeter has the features needed to repair most electrical and electronic problems. This meter is simple to use and has significant improvements over Fluke's original 70 Series with more measurement functions, conformance to the latest safety standards, and a much larger display that's easier to view.
      It measures:
      • Wide 1000 V measurement range
      • Average responding AC measurements
      • 0.3% accuracy
      • 10 Amps continuous (20 A for 30 seconds)
      • Frequency and capacitance
      • Resistance and continuity