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error Codes C980 and C983

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  • error Codes C980 and C983


    Midmark M9 & M11 Error Code C980: POWER UP MODE

    The Error Code "C980: POWER UP MODE" means the high-limit thermostat has tripped open. This is normally due to lack of water inside the chamber Midmark M9 & M11 Error Code C983 (HEATUP)

    The Error Code "C983 (HEATUP)" means the High-Limit Thermostat is open. This is normally due to lack of water inside the chamber

    Most Users will eventually see these errors on their "Green Display" units

    Basically, with a C980 error the chamber did not fill with water. The most common issue here is that the users do not let the unit complete a complete "Dry Cycle". This leaves the water electrode disk in the rear of the chamber wet. When the disk is wet it completes a circuit to ground and does not allow the chamber to fill. When you press the start button on these units look for the display to show the words chamber filling. It should take between 45-60 seconds to fill the chamber. If it goes right to Chamber Full you are going to have a problem and should abort the cycle right then. Otherwise, you will over heat the unit and could cause damage to the unit. Check to make sure the bottom tray rack is intalled properly , Water electrode disk should be dry and nothing should be touching the temp probe. You will also want to make sure that the chamber filter at the bottom of the chamber is not full of debris . After these steps if you continue to get failures you will need to clean the unit. Debris and rust can occluded the fill valve portion of the valve manifold and cause many issues.
    In some cases either the valve plungers or solenoids will need to be replaced or the whole manifold assembly will need to be replaced if the valve seats are damaged.

    After looking into the above issues you then need to test both over heat thermostats for function and look for damaged wires to same and the main heater (Power Up C980)