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Tuttnauer 3870EHS Heater Elements weeping water

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  • Tuttnauer 3870EHS Heater Elements weeping water

    Upon performing Routine Maintenance on this unit we observed staining on the base of this unit. We got the unit up to temp and ran a quick cycle. The pressure in the steam jacket was forcing water out through the heater elements. This is only possible if the heater element is defective.

    The heater Elements were defective on the distal ends.
    Removed and replaced same.
    Take care to check inside of steam jacket.
    the water we drained out was fouled due to the damaged heaters.
    So, we cleaned with chamberbrite and flushed rigorously and vacuumed out the jacket.
    It was spotless when finished.
    Note; this machine has a custom R/O system and the water available to the steam jacket is right at 'Zero" TDS.

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    More pictures of the Tuttnauer 3870EHS Heater replacement.


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      We removed the heaters and this is what we found


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        New Set of Heaters Installed


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          Note: even thought these heaters are weeping water out the opposite end they continue to work. Eventually they explode (figure of speech) and split open. At that point, they are done.
          Technical note: 1000W 208VAC heaters should OHM out at 43 OHM's +/- 10% . 1000W 230VAC heaters OHM at 53 OHM's +/- 10 %