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My Thoughts on some of the Self Help Autoclave Forums found on the Net

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  • My Thoughts on some of the Self Help Autoclave Forums found on the Net

    I find this article offensive and not completely true!!!!

    Autoclave Repair: 3 Signs You Are About To Be Ripped Off

    Published: 05 August 2013 - Written by Wally in section:
    Autoclave Repair: If your autoclave is giving you problems, and you are going to call someone, you need to be aware of the 3 signs you are about to be taken advantage of…….before you make the call
    • Sign # 1:

    “I can’t fix it Here, I Have to Take It Back to the Shop for Repair”
    While there are legitimate reasons to take the autoclave back to the shop for repair, 95% of the time the repair can be completed onsite. When it comes to removing the autoclave from your office, our case studies have revealed:
    1. The technician does not know what he is doing and wants to be where he can talk to someone about the problem(s) without you knowing it
    2. The technician does not want you to know what he is doing, nor how much time he is spending on it
    • Sign #2:

    ”I Have To Send The Autoclave Off”
    While I would like to give you a list of reasons why an autoclave needs to be sent off somewhere else, there really aren’t any that come to mind. What we usually find is:
    1. The person really doesn’t do repairs, nor the desire to take the time to learn how.
    2. They simply tack on an extra fee for themselves, and the end result is you are paying for an extra middleman you really don’t need for your autoclave repair
    If they cannot articulate a viable reason (one you can understand) ….. for sending the autoclave off somewhere else, then they don’t have one!
    • Sign #3:

    “Ship It To Us For Evaluation”
    Usually heard from the factory. They give you very little help if any at all, and your problem (no matter what it is) is something only they can fix. Truth is, you can bet you are going to have an outrageous estimate, and here is what we are finding is happening most of the time:
    1. They sit on it for weeks after they receive it, and rarely if ever, even open the case, then they send you the estimate
    2. The estimate will be more than ½ the replacement value, and they will offer you a ridiculously small trade in for it
    3. If you don’t agree to the estimate, nor buy a new autoclave from them, they will not only charge you for shipping the autoclave both ways……they will also tack an extra fee on to their charges for the estimate
    4. They will offer you a ridiculously small trade in allowance
    Here’s the thing…..most companies don’t want to repair your autoclave! They simply want to sell you a new one and make the estimate so high it is a “no brainer” for you to purchase a new one. And if you go along with the trade, the autoclave you sent them, that is not worth the cost of fixing, will end up on eBay for less than ½ of the estimate they gave you. You can draw your own conclusions.
    In 95% of the cases, you can do the repairs yourself. All you need is a little direction & support. Even if you have no desire to do the repairs yourself, it is worthwhile for you to visit AllClaveParts.com and investigate the problems you are experiencing, so you will know you are being treated fairly & honestly by the people you are dealing with for your autoclave repair


    The above description of what happens is somewhat different from what actually happens. Having 20+ years of actual Field Service experience myself, I can assure readers that not all Service People are trying to scam you. There are actually a few factors that determine whether or not we repair your autoclave onsite.

    1). your facility may not have enough space for us to dismantle the unit and work on it properly.
    2). the autoclave may have an intermittent issue that isn't feasible to deal with in the field.
    3). We may not have the proper part(s) with us for your particular machine.
    4). Your office may be closing in say an hour and we need two or three hours to complete a solid repair.
    5). my experience shows that there is always more than just one issue with an autoclave "Cause & Effect"
    6). weather can play into the factor- if I have a two hour drive and snow is coming in heavy, I want out
    7). sometimes the customer doesn't want us working on the machine onsite and ask for a loaner
    8). As an Independent service provider, I want to repair their autoclave. If not, I don't get paid.
    9). if you send your autoclave back to the manufacture they have to isolate it for a minimum of 72 hours before opening the box. It's a Law.
    10) some of the larger companies pick up autoclaves for repair and send them to one of their 4 service centers in the US.
    11) when you call certain factories for service- they provide little information because of liability and they are protecting their service people.
    12) Most service guys are responsible honest people just trying to make an honest living
    13) On average it takes an easy 2-3 hours to thoroughly go through an autoclave and PM/Repair it. Responsible service providers will run test cycles to check their work.This takes time. After an extensive repair i like to run a minimum 10-12 cycles on the machine and then spore test it. So, it is cheaper for the customer to have us take a machine with us sometimes. I can repair several autoclaves at a time on my bench for less than I can in the field.
    14) every situation is different.
    15) to make a statement that you are about to be taken advantage of when you call for autoclave service is just wrong!!!