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Tuttnauer- Cleaning with ChamberBrite

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  • Tuttnauer- Cleaning with ChamberBrite

    Weekly maintenance

    Here are a few simple steps to a hassle-free cleaning with

    For better results, clean autoclave every 20 cycles or once a month.

    1 . Sprinkle Chamber Brite powder along the bottom of the autoclave chamber
    Caution : the chamber must be cold.

    (remove tray rack and trays- clean them separately in a sink with BarKeepers Friend)

    2. Start a sterilization cycle with distilled water but no drying cycle.

    ( 8-10 minutes at 273 F or 134 C)

    3 . At the end of the cycle drain solution from reservoir and discard.

    (when cooled- wipe out chamber and water reservoir)
    4 . Fill reservoir and repeat steps 2 and 3 without Chamber Brite.

    5 . Wipe the interior of the chamber with a damp cloth or a sponge.

    6 . Fill reservoir with distilled water.
    7 . The autoclave is now ready to use!