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Sterilization Guidelines for Healthcare and Dentistry

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  • Sterilization Guidelines for Healthcare and Dentistry

    Sterilization Guidelines for Healthcare and Dentistry

    Posted on January 2, 2014 by admin
    Recently, news broke that an Oklahoma dentist had potentially exposed as many as 7000 of his patients to HIV and Hepatitis due to improper infection control techniques. Since then, we have had a flood of calls asking for current sterilization guidelines. We would like to pass a long two great points of reference for healthcare and dental facilities. These are the most current recommendations made by the CDC. Although some states are different, the CDC recommends weekly spore testing of your autoclave. These tests are necessary when processing instruments, especially if they have come into contact with blood, tissue or other infectious material during invasive procedures. These documents showing successful tests would be paramount if the sterility of your instruments ever came into question.
    The most current CDC sterilization guidelines can be found:

    Healthcare Facilities
    Guidelines for Healthcare
    Dental Facilities
    Guidelines for Dentistry
    If you have any questions about infection control, sterilization guidelines, OSHA or HIPAA, please contact us at 1-800-522-9308

    Infection control in healthcare and dentistry is more important then ever. Here are the most recent sterilization guidelines for dentistry and healthcare.