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Pulled a dead mouse from a Midmark M11 water reservoir

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  • Pulled a dead mouse from a Midmark M11 water reservoir

    This thing had been in there for a while. Talk about mouse soup. Another reason for regular cleaning of your autoclave.

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    Also pulled a bunch of pistachio nut shells out of a Tuttnauer 2540M once.


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      Another time, found a bunch of those gold coin wrappers. Remember the chocolate candy coins? Couldn't believe that this mouse got these things into the cabinet of a Tuttnauer 234M. Even more amazed how they were peeled open and there was no chocolate anywhere to be found.

      Then, I asked the staff where these came from. Evidently, at Christmas time they were at the front desk in a bowl. What absolutely floored me was that the front desk was 100 feet and three rooms away from the autoclave. That was one busy mouse.


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        and then there was the mouse that chewed through a heater wire and shorted the heater to ground. Could still smell him when I arrived to repair the autoclave.


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          another Dental Office with a mouse issue. Evidence found in an Old Style (red Display) Midmark M11
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            some dental offices do not repair their autoclaves until they completely fail. This is one of those examples. How often do you think this office cleaned their autoclave? How long has it been since they drained the water out of the reservoir?

            User Manuals have printed cleaning and maintenance schedules in them. Someone in every office needs to read these things and set a procedure for the office to follow.